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Contact us today to speak to a service representative about renting, or investing in, environmentally friendly heavy equipment.

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Our large inventory of climate-friendly equipment includes a variety of specialty machines such as excavators.

Our equipment is made by Caterpillar, John Deere, and Bomag, the leaders in heavy equipment. With these strong teams at our back, we can provide you with only the best machine for your current, and next, project.

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Why Green?

Why Us First?

Walk by a construction site and see heavy equipment belching pollutants into the air at an alarming rate. From mini-excavators to loaders, they all do their part to mess with the environment, hasten pollution and bring the planet just that much closer to the tipping point of no return.

We witness the destruction of the planet as the big yellow beasts ruin the environment.

Modern Equipment Brings Changes

But times are changing. Modern equipment from Green Rental are made by several American manufacturers and each is a far cry from outdated equipment. One of the biggest changes in heavy equipment has been the introduction of electronic engines. Green Rental has heavy construction equipment with electronic engines that still generate high horsepower. The latest equipment belches fewer emissions, have fully automatic systems and still reduces fuel consumption.

Earlier machines demanded a lot of maintenance. They broke down often which consumed more resources for replacement parts, as they spilled more hydraulic fluid and oil.

The introduction of fully automatic transmissions further reduced fuel use and has the additional benefit of being long-wearing. Extended component life from lower gear speeds means fewer breakdowns and fewer replacement components needed.

Green Rental Equipment Changes the Rental Market

As Green Rental develops the rental market in South Florida, construction equipment is moving forward on the green path. Mindful reuse means utilizing existing resources.

Understanding the need, Green Rental uses equipment such as the CAT D3K2 dozer which is an environment-friendly piece of equipment. Substantially superior to other non-climate friendly models, this dozer dramatically decreases maintenance time, improves operational metrics and produces phenomenal fuel efficiency which means up to 20% in fuel savings.

Through better technology and design, Green Rental equipment lowers lubricant refilling requirements, has extended service intervals and reducing overall cost. Each piece of equipment gets an oil change every 500 hours and complete hydraulic maintenance every 3000 hours.

Equipment Available

Besides having a fresh range of backhoe loaders, we also have equipment available to rent. Our equipment not only helps the ecosystem, but it also reduces the overall cost, returns the money through savings and helps protect the environment.