Renting is available to our customers and we provide:

  • Robust & Maintained equipment
  • Cater to an entire arena of infrastructure world repair and maintenance to reduce downtime and production time loss.
  • Advice on Equipment suitability based on use.
  • Bid endorsement to a variety of construction companies and contractors for tendering purposes
  • Customer benefits with Rental Services
  • Conservation of Capital
  • Control over expenses
  • Access to new and updated technology
  • Reduced downtime
  • Savings on Storage/ Warehousing
  • Savings on repair & maintenance costs
  • Equipment tracking
  • Freedom from equipment obsolesce
  • Better focus on core activities
  • Benefits of investment without the burden of ownership

Asset Management

We offer a unique service that helps a variety of construction companies and project developers to focus on what they do best and leave the hassles of fleet management, including maintenance, to us.

  • Benefits to Fleet and Equipment Owners
  • Equipment life extension through proper maintenance
  • Regular reports on maintenance history
  • Routine and or emergency maintenance
  • Insurance claim handling

Asset Management methodologies include

  • Asset Inspection report
  • Maintaining asset in starting condition
  • Facelift / Repair estimates
  • Repair / Reimbursement support
  • Document Management
  • Hassle-free demonstrations and delivery.