• Rodney Sanchez
  • July 27, 2020

With hundreds of thousands of dollars on the line, project managers don’t need guesses, myths, or suppositions. Without due diligence, it's difficult to separate the myths of renting heavy equipment from the facts. These tips can make your job easier and save you money -- often lots of money -- at the same time.

MYTH: Rental Equipment is on its last legs and is held together with baling wire and duct tape.

FACT: Green Equipment Rental gives you access to late-model equipment, which has been maintained properly. Many of our clients have commented that our equipment is in better shape than some they own.

Green Rental Equipment of Miami tracks maintenance and service schedules meticulously to ensure every piece of equipment is in good working order. Each item in our inventory can be sent out on clients’ projects with a moment’s notice.

If any piece of machinery requires maintenance while you are renting, we are responsible for the necessary service and repairs — even after hours. Our commitment permits you to focus your complete attention to the project in front of you.

When you do business with us, you have access to when you need it. Green Equipment Rental will work with you to determine the ideal way to transport the equipment to the job site and pick it up when the job is finished.

MYTH: It is more expensive to rent.

FACT: Sharpen your pencil and develop a budget for the project. When you have completed this step, you can easily determine which items(s) need heavy equipment.

Once you have made a to-to list and determined which item(s) require heavy equipment. Then carefully review and go over the list of needed equipment.

With the task list and inventory handy, it is easier to see how the economics of renting instead of purchasing work for you. Compare the cost of maintenance, for example, of equipment you already own to that required when you rent equipment. 

MYTH: There are no tax benefits when renting equipment

FACT: Rental fees are instantly deductible from your business income tax.

When purchasing a piece of construction equipment, the expenditure is amortized over several years. Tax laws prescribe the extent you can deduct each year until the full value and expense of the equipment has been tallied, or until you sell it.

Associated rental costs are tax-deductible as well. The difference is you can deduct rental fees, plus any costs charged for reserving the heavy equipment, delivering the equipment and cost of insurance while the equipment is in your possession.

Each of these expenses can be deducted as a business expense in the year incurred. Our rental experts at Green Equipment Rental can broadly explain the process, but be sure to talk with your accountant for the details.

MYTH: Heavy Equipment Can Only be Rented on a Long-Term Basis

FACT: Renting heavy equipment from Green Equipment Rental in Miami is not the same as signing a lease for warehouse space or leasing a car. Our terms are very flexible and can be molded to suit your situation. We can set up daily, weekly, monthly, and long-term contracts.

If your needs change during a project, swap the original equipment for equipment which makes a better fit. Call us and let us know what you need. We are glad to help you stay on target and will work with you to make provision to provide the gear you need — even on a budget.

MYTH: Rental Fees Begin when the Equipment leaves the Dealer’s Lot

FACT: Most conventional agreements establish the rental duration as beginning the day after you take possession of the equipment. The rental interval normally ends on the last day you use the equipment and contact someone from Green Equipment Rental of Miami to pick up the equipment. 

To make sure when your rental period begins and ends, read the contract completely before signing. Feel free to ask about anything still unclear before you put pen to paper. Whether you are renting a small dozer or backhoe, the same applies. Make sure you understand precisely what you have signed up for — before okaying anything.

MYTH: Rental Dealers Won’t Give you Help or Support With Operating the Equipment

FACT: You can rent from Green Equipment Rental with complete certitude. Before renting, stop by and make sure it’s the right model for the work. Depending on the product, we can also arrange for operator training so they feel comfortable with the equipment as well.

MYTH: Rental Companies Don’t Post Rates Online so Hidden Costs Can Be Billed Later

FACT: At Green Equipment Rental in Miami, our inventory comprises a variety of equipment. Each type may be available in several models, and an assortment of attachments can grow exponentially. Also, rental rates for different times, daily, weekly, or a month, further grows the menu of choices and costs. Other factors, such as transportation to a job site, are also factors that determine the ultimate cost of renting.

We encourage clients to contact us to talk about their individual needs — we’re always glad to provide a custom quote. By working with our experienced staff, you know the ultimate cost BEFORE signing anything.

We make renting heavy equipment an easy process.

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