• Rodney Sanchez
  • July 01, 2020

Green Rental Equipment has the heavy equipment rental you need to get the job done whether you’re preparing grounds for landscaping, looking to level a driveway, or put up a new building. 

Green Rental Equipment provides the heavy equipment rentals needed for fast and easy work on any construction project. Our affordable earth-moving machine rentals are ideal for both professionals and homeowners.

Despite this, there may be times when purchasing heavy equipment is better. These 7 tips will give you some idea of what you need to consider when making the choice of buying or selling.

Initial Purchase Cost

Buying new heavy equipment isn’t cheap. Your budget will take a massive hit. Besides that, equipment is an investment for the long-term which will tie you down to certain equipment items and maintenance costs — all limit your options. Renting or leasing heavy equipment allows you to avoid upfront costs while positioning your business to make better use of its financial resources.

Lower Maintenance/Repair Costs

When you get the pink slip on equipment, you must think about the potentially high cost of maintenance and/or repair. Costs are lowered significantly when buying or renting. Vehicles and heavy equipment still need upkeep and maintenance to operate at an optimal level safely, but the time and labor associated with maintenance are lower and manageable when rented. Instead of fretting about preserving a piece of heavy equipment for the duration, leasing gets rid of this extra stress and allows you to focus on the near future instead of taking the time to write out a long-term maintenance plan.

Shielded from Market Swings

The construction business is not stationary. It is dynamic with many things that sway the market. Sinking costs of equipment today and rise unexpectedly tomorrow. The quantity of projects available, at any point in time, are always beyond your control. Renting heavy equipment cushions your company from unexpected financial downturns, and leasing equipment provides a flexible option which makes it easier to ride out the rise, and fall, of market forces.

No Depreciation

When you own heavy equipment, the depreciation costs can be considerable. Reselling equipment, and maintaining it as long as needed, requires an enormous investment over and above your upfront purchase costs. While value depreciates, it becomes harder to recover the cost of your investment. While all companies operate differently, renting construction equipment to avoid losses linked to depreciation.

Project-Specific Rentals

Construction companies have to balance multiple projects at once. The logistical costs of moving equipment and sharing them between jobs can quickly eat away at profit margins. Instead, renting specific pieces of equipment for particular projects eliminates logistical delays while providing each job site with the proper resources to finish each project efficiently.

Equipment Storage Issues Solved

If you own the equipment, you need to have storage solutions lined up to keep equipment when it is not being used. Equipment not safeguarded properly, or is unprotected, from harsh Miami weather can depreciate at a faster rate.

Storage space is an added cost which constantly rises. Warehouse cost can be high, especially for businesses with a fleet of machinery. Renting from Green Rental Equipment of Miami can take this inconvenience — and cost — away.

Transportation Logistics

Don’t you just love transporting machinery from site to site to site? Transportation takes a long time and affects a project's productivity, efficiency and profitability. Time spent anticipating equipment delivery causes costly delays and can even set back any progress already made on job sites. You avoid this burden by renting from Green Rental Equipment in Miami while gaining a greater reliability in equipment options.

The Takeaway

Despite the benefits, there is no ‘optimal solution’ for every company. Each company must plan around finances and logistics to determine the best course of action for them. Often a hybrid solution works well. A combination of rentals and purchase may be the most effective way to go.

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We rent a large variety of construction tools and equipment for all building, landscaping and renovation needs. We are unique in that our customer can do their entire rental online without having to go to a rental store. We offer FREE DELIVERY AND PICK UP within most metropolitan City limits. 

Green Rental Equipment provides the heavy equipment rentals you need for fast and easy work on any construction job. Whether for a residential or commercial project, our economical earth-moving machine rentals are optimal for both professionals and homeowners alike. Our services include:

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  • Heavy equipment attachment rentals

  • Equipment operators including mini excavator mechanics

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Our goal is to provide a consistently convenient and stress-free rental experience for our valued customers

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