• Rodney Sanchez
  • July 08, 2020

According to a survey published on Purchasing.com, equipment rental was becoming more attractive to business owners seeking to complete projects.

And then the pandemic hit.

What is Green Rental Equipment’s Response?

Businesses can’t change the direction of the wind, but successful ones adjust the sails. Here are four ways we are adjusting our sails to better serve you:

We’re Disinfecting

Many heavy equipment rental companies go no further than suggesting their employees wash their hands often.

We go above and beyond. For example, we’re researching ozone generators when our people go out of the office, as some studies suggest Coronavirus may be an airborne disease — instead of strictly spreading through droplets.

We’re Getting Ahead of the Curve

In each negative circumstance, there are also opportunities to create positive outcomes. Right now is a splendid time to do the very things it’s normally challenging to find time for. We’re busy training our employees and doing a complete inventory.

When everyone finally gets back to full-scale operations, our staff will be more knowledgeable and helpful — and our customers happier.

We’re Concerned About Our Employees

From just cutting hours to drastic layoffs, other companies put the bottom-line first. We are constantly seeking ways to keep our employees busy, safe, and employed while transitioning back to a full-tilt busy season.

We’re Helping Our Clients Get Help from the Government

We pay taxes to ensure someone will be there to help when tough times occur. With the help of Inc. Magazine, we are tracking federal, state, and local programs to limit the impact on our customers.

The Takeaway

At Green Rental Equipment of Miami., we’re doing our part to limit the spread of COVID-19. We’re all sanitizing while permitting our employees to work from home where possible and doing away with non-essential travel.

We will continue to work to make all scheduled projects happen on time as we’re committed to minimizing the impact of this pandemic on our customers’ business.

Call to Action

We rent a large variety of construction tools and equipment for all buildings, landscaping, and renovation needs. We are unique in that our customer can do their entire rental online without having to go to a rental store. We offer FREE DELIVERY AND PICK UP within most metropolitan city limits.

Green Rental Equipment provides the heavy equipment rentals you need for fast and easy work on any construction job. Be it a residential or commercial project, our affordable earth-moving machine rentals are ideal for both professionals and homeowners alike. Our services include:

  • Heavy equipment rentals

  • Heavy equipment attachment rentals

  • Delivery & pick up

  • Guaranteed lowest rates

Our goal is to provide a consistently convenient and stress-free rental experience for our valued customers!

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