• Rodney Sanchez
  • September 21, 2020

Hauling heavy equipment is a detailed task if collisions or injuries are to be avoided. These safety tips from Green Equipment Rental of Miami will not only reduce the chance of injury but can help contractors save money.

Use the Right Equipment

Just because the trailer is large enough, doesn’t mean the trailer is robust enough. The proper axle design and load configurations are vital. Verifying the trailer’s load capacity and safety rating is essential and remember the jolting of uneven and rough terrain often creates the same problems as increasing the weight load. 

There are a variety of trailers that can be used depending on the job and heavy equipment hauled. A flatbed may work nicely for a Bobcat rental, but fail if a lift rental is involved. And depending on road conditions, a gooseneck trailer is often insufficient.

Besides checking load capacity and safety rating, be sure to inspect the lights, tires, axles, hoses, and horns. Inspect for visible signs of wear on tie-down equipment and apply the brakes before loading to minimize motion and movement.

Securing the Load

Once the right trailer is identified it’s time to distribute the load. Incorrect loading is one of the most frequent reasons behind truck accidents according to the United States Government Accountability Office. Consider placing the heavy equipment to keep the weight balanced evenly. Uneven loads can increase tipping risks and make the vehicle harder to control.

To keep the load from shifting during transit, be sure to properly secure everything using tie-downs and wedges, as needed. Lock the payload in place and certify the load in line with the regulations established by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration.

Driver Training/Experience

A rookie behind the wheel when transporting heavy equipment can wind up being both costly and dangerous. Be sure the driver has the experience needed and has been trained. Keeping to an ongoing training schedule helps ensure skills are freshened constantly.

A key component to being included in the training is to make sure drivers never drive over the posted speed limits. The faster they drive, the more load stress, and the more risk for an accident.

Besides the load capacity, most trailers come with a speed rating that shouldn’t be ignored and breached.

Local Regulatory Requirements

Double-check regulations for each state where the load is to be transported. The laws change while crossing state lines so assuming regulations at the destination are the same as the point of departure can be costly. Besides various state-level rules, federal regulations are in effect for commercial loads weighing over 10,000 pounds and crossing state lines.

Route Planning

Taking a heavy load through rush hour is never a good idea. Be sure to map out the route while keeping a lookout for potential issues. Design a route that doesn’t include road construction, toll roads, low bridges, or other problems that could delay transportation.

Make sure the roads can handle the weight, as well as the height and width, of the load. Don’t assume all roads can handle each and if unsure, drive the route first to spot any areas of concern.

Double Check the Load

In carpentry, measure twice, cut once is a standard rule-of-thumb. Double-checking the load when transporting heavy equipment is a good idea as well. Check everything — and then check again. If possible, implement a safety check system where multiple people check the load.

The Takeaway

Safety strategies are vital to protecting not only the drivers but other people on the road. Equipment damage can be avoided when safety protocols are in place and followed. These tips from Green Equipment Rental will make your transport go as planned and common problems with hauling heavy equipment are avoided.

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