• Rodney Sanchez
  • October 19, 2020

At Green Rental, we have the experience and the tools to help you achieve your next construction venture. Whether you’re planning an extensive civil engineering project or just developing your own backyard, we can guide you through our range of machines to advise you on the right equipment for the job.

We are a family-based equipment rental agency that has become well established within the Miami area and has served the construction industry well since 2014. This standing has given us the knowledge and know-how to advise you in every aspect of construction rental machinery.


Excavators are one of the most common machines to be rented in our range. These awesome machines make light work of anything you throw at them. At Green Rental, all of our excavators are manufactured by Caterpillar- the world’s largest manufacturer of construction equipment in the world. From this range of industry-leading equipment, we offer four types of excavators- ranging from mini through to medium.

Mini excavator

The mini excavator is a more compact version of the machine but still comes with plenty of muscle. It’s ideal to rent for those labor-intensive and space-confined jobs. The ready availability of these machines makes back-breaking DIY tasks a thing of the past. Here’s when you might consider using a mini excavator:

  • Landscaping

  • Removing heavy objects

  • Digging holes for pools and hot tubs

  • Underground repairs

  • Installing water features

  • Patio installation

Small excavator

The small excavator can do all of the above and more. This excavator is the right choice if you just want that bit more oomph on-site than what the mini can offer you. This machine excels in:

  • Demolition of small outbuildings

  • Digging of trenches for irrigation

  • Building construction

Medium excavator

These are not the biggest in excavators, but they do pack a powerful punch. Often used in civil engineering projects, these beasts offer the highest level factory standard technology, while the operator can enjoy an upgraded cab. Operators in these machines often work long hours, so being comfortable increases productivity. Here’s when you might need one of these machines:

  • Commercial construction

  • Civil engineering projects

Things to know before renting an excavator

The machine descriptions listed above are just a guide as to what the excavator can achieve. Before renting any machine, you should talk to our on-hand experts to help you decide which is right for you and the task at hand. Here are a few questions you should consider before renting an excavator: 1. What’s my maximum digging depth? 2. What materials am I going to be lifting? 3. What’s my budget? 4. How are my on-site conditions?

Tips for operating an excavator

Here are a few things that are handy to keep in mind before starting work that involves an excavator.

  1. Have a plan. If other trades are operating on-site, make sure they know your plan too.

  2. Before digging, map out where the spoil is going to be placed.

  3. Test out the excavator on an even surface to give yourself a feel for the balance of the machine.

  4. If you are trying to dig a trench that needs to be level, then ensure the machine is level first.

  5. Never operate close to the edge of trenches where the ground is soft and unstable.

  6. Never swing an empty or loaded bucket over people’s heads.

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We rent a large variety of construction tools and equipment for all buildings, landscaping, and renovation needs. We are unique in that our customer can do their entire rental online without having to go to a rental store. We offer FREE DELIVERY AND PICK UP within most metropolitan city limits.

Green Rental Equipment provides the heavy equipment rentals you need for fast and easy work on any construction job. Be it a residential or commercial project, our affordable earth-moving machine rentals are ideal for both professionals and homeowners alike. Our services include:

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Our goal is to provide a consistently convenient and stress-free rental experience for our valued customers!

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