• Rodney Sanchez
  • October 26, 2020

Water trucks have a wide variety of uses and are an integral part of any heavy rental equipment company. They are a very diverse machine, which enables them to tackle a variety of jobs. Ideal applications for these trucks range from dust control to filling swimming pools and everything in-between.

Who rents water trucks?

Construction and mining contractors are heavy users of water trucks and are indispensable when it comes to dust control. It is paramount that procedures are put in place by these industries to control levels of dust particles in the air. Renting water trucks helps companies to do so while maintaining both productivity levels and the health and the safety of its employees.

Water trucks are second nature to a construction site, so when they are not required for dust control they become the go-to tool for soil compaction. The job of the water truck is an integral part of keeping the soil compact for the construction of roads, bridges, and foundations, or other areas where a firm flat surface is needed, this becomes more critical when there are long spells of dry weather.

Not all water trucks are used in mining and construction industries, however- they are very versatile. Green Rental offers one of the most robust machines on the market. The Ford F750 can take control of many situations and this has come to fruition in the farming fraternity. These large impressive machines with a tank capacity of 2000 gallons have aided in keeping crops and livestock alive during the worst of droughts we have endured in the past few years.

Droughts also come in conjunction with fires. These trucks are an essential piece of kit to transport large volumes of water to rural areas at risk of fires.

Residential and landscaping have also benefitted from the rental of water trucks. The filling of swimming pools and other large water features are a couple of ways these trucks have been used outside of their natural habitat.

Renting for the forward-thinking

Green Rental is a forward-thinking company that never rests on its laurels. With the acquisition of the Ford F750 in its ranks of heavy equipment rental, we are showing our intention to serve the businesses of and around Miami. This premium heavy equipment rental agency is the number one place for all your rental needs.

Water trucks like any other heavy equipment only make you or the company you work for profitable whilst it is in use- this is the main beneficiary to rental and not buying outright.

Renting avoids the large outlay in cash that most businesses will never benefit or recover from. Spiraling transportation costs, downtime through repairs, and breakdowns all add up to a hefty chunk of money most companies cease to realize before it’s too late.

With all machines being regularly checked, serviced, and maintained at Green Rental you are guaranteed a rental agreement second to none.

Hiring machinery has never been so easy, with the skill set of Green Rental you will never be second-guessing yourself if you have hired the right machine.

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